Innovus Engineering launches new canning line

Innovus Engineering has recently added a new 1,000 can per hour model to its CF canning line range in response to customer demand.

The CF15 is a new, compact two head canning line, based on the previous success of the five head CF25 model. The CF15 retains all the industry leading features of the CF25, including the automated lid dispenser, with undercover gassing and pre-fill purge and post-fill gas injection for consistently low levels of dissolved oxygen.  

There is also the option to integrate a rotary infeed table, to assist the machine operator and  increase the level of automation, along with further options for adding a date coder and can labeller.    

The CF15 canning line is suitable for standard, slim and sleek cans, and changeovers between  different can heights are quick and easy.  

All Innovus seamers have the major advantage of a vacuum hardened cam for mechanical seaming  operation. A mechanical seamer has much more repeatable performance than a pneumatic machine and is ideal for producing commercial quality double seams. 

Innovus seaming technology is supported by Crown Bevcan, who have recently ordered additional can seamers to add to the multiple Innovus machines installed at their Wantage R&D site in 2020.  

All machines are supplied with a tool kit that includes a seam micrometer and seam tear down tool, so that customers have the capability to carry out accurate seam checks.  

The CF15 is available on a short lead time, with prices starting at £32,500. With a capacity of 1,000 cans per hour, Innovus says this canning line represents a competitive price point for breweries that want to start canning in-house.  

All Innovus canning machines are built in the UK, and training, service and spare parts are also all  available from the UK.  

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