More growth for beverage cans in Brazil

The performance of aluminium beverage cans in Brazil grew 5.2% in 2021, according to industry body Abralatas.

The fact that it continues to grow, despite all the difficulties faced, proves the resilience of the sector and the preference of Brazilians for aluminum cans as the best packaging for beverages:

“We had a year of growth in the beer market and delivery platforms, precisely the product and sales channel in which the can stands out for its safety, practicality and convenience,” explains the executive president of Abralatas, Cátilo Cândido.

“With the growth in consumption, the sector increasingly attracts different types of beverages. Due to the characteristic of cans filling any type of beverage safely, today – in Brazil – there are more than 20 different types of drinks sold in cans. 

“In addition to the “traditional” beer, soda, energy drink and juice, there is an increase in canned cachaça, the arrival of wine, water, supplements, coffee and RTDs – ready to drink – drinks that bring innovation, optimising the experience and standing out in the preference of a new generation of consumers, as it allows the development of proposals that better satisfy their lifestyle, tastes and needs.

“Brazilians like cans and have their preferences, they want more and more variety of drinks, labels, sizes and formats. An example of this is the growth of thinner cans (sleeks and slims) that followed very well
the good performance that the premium beer market has been performing in Brazil. The sector is always attentive and connected, identifying the desires of customers and consumers. Our goal is to offer new solutions, innovations that can be incorporated into the main quality of this packaging, which is the most sustainable on the planet”, highlights the president of the Association.

In the last three years, there have been 5 new factories. For this year and 2023, 4 more new factories are expected in Brazil, in addition to expansions in almost half of the existing factories with new production lines. The total investment is US$ 1 billion until next year.

The sector’s commitment is so serious that an agreement was signed with the Ministry of the Environment to further improve the packaging recycling model. In addition to the creation of an entity with the sole purpose of complying with this Agreement: Recicla Latas. With this public pact, the sector commits to buy 100% of the scrap from cans available in Brazil, recycle on a large scale, carry out environmental education campaigns with consumers and train public managers and cooperatives of recyclable material collectors.

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