New offering from Integrated Packaging Solutions


Integrated Packaging Solutions (IPS) has announced the addition of a new offering to their product line. 

The RapidSORT is a high-speed, vision-based can sorting system, specifically designed to rapidly sort through HFI (Held For Inspection) pallets of cans. 

During the can manufacturing process, certain can defects can make it through the can-line and onto pallets. Management segregates these pallets and designates them as HFI, or Held For Inspection.   Traditionally, HFI pallets are sorted a variety of ways, none of which are very quick, efficient or highly accurate.   

By integrating a high-speed conveyance loop with top-of-the-line vision inspection cameras, the RapidSORT not only inspects HFI cans more accurately but also 3-4 times faster than traditional methods.   

The RapidSORT not only helps can manufacturers produce more sellable cans, but it also helps them operate more sustainably by ensuring good cans don’t get scrapped.      

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