Ball to provide aluminium cups for Coldplay tour

Ball Coldplay

Ball Corporation announced that it will be a key partner in helping Coldplay advance its commitment to making the Music Of The Spheres World Tour as environmentally beneficial as possible. 

Ball will provide its infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminium Cup to Coldplay’s venues across the United States and select venues internationally – helping to reduce waste and strengthen refill and recycling.

Major on-site gatherings like concerts often require the convenience of disposable cups. When this is the case, the Ball Aluminium Cup is the most sustainable option because it can be easily recycled. For Coldplay’s tour, fans will enjoy their favourite beverages from aluminium cups which are expected to help replace millions of single-use plastic cups.

“Ball is committed to helping artists, venues, and fans minimise the significant impact entertainment has on the environment by strengthening in-venue recycling and providing innovative and infinitely recyclable aluminium cans, cups and bottles – a sustainable alternative to the millions of plastic packaging that is disposed of every year,” said Dan Fisher, President and CEO of Ball Corporation. 

“We’re excited to continue these efforts in partnership with Coldplay and support their mission to inspire a culture of eco-friendly music tours while bringing fans an environmentally friendly way to enjoy their favourite beverages and enjoying a great concert.”

Kicking off Friday May 6th in Dallas, Texas, Coldplay’s tour is accompanied by a comprehensive set of sustainability initiatives, with fans invited to dance on kinetic floors that generate energy to power the show and pedal electricity-generating bikes that help to cut overall mainstream electricity usage. They will also now be able to play a role in cutting waste through refillable and infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminium Cups. 

“Partnering with Ball has been an essential component of our efforts to minimise waste and maximise recycling wherever we perform,” says Coldplay. “We’re really happy to offer fans a truly sustainable option for their beverages in the shape of infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminium Cups.”

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