Golden Grail announces Cause Water production run

Golden Grail Tech Beverages announced a production run of Cause Water a pristine mountain spring water in a fully recyclable 16oz aluminium can with an easy resealable twist off cap.

The company’s recently acquired brand, Cause Water has traction on the west coast in specialty and natural products chains and it is time to do another production run. 

Cause Water has three key initiatives be a vessel for change, do your part and encouraging consumers to join the cause, by drinking Cause Water. 

By choosing Cause Water, consumers are joining the ’cause’ and supporting a package that is a fully recyclable aluminium can, which is a major initiative of plastic reduction and ocean preservation. 

Furthermore, Cause Water promises to partner with organisations helping with plastic pollution reduction.

Steven Hoffman, Golden Grail Tech Beverages, said: “We have been receiving a lot of interest in Cause Water from distributors, retailers and consumers, especially from coastal areas. 

“Industry leaders know they must evolve and embrace the change from plastic to cans in order to remain relevant and credible with today’s consumers. 

“Golden Grail Beverages will stay on the forefront of trends and leadership. Additionally, we are based in South Florida and our local communities are extremely active ocean and beach goers. We have a responsibility to participate in this evolution and a profound commitment to innovation and disrupting the industry.”

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