Innosen launches new tool to measure EOE rivets

Innosen has come up with a solution to address the problems with enamel rating the area that is most susceptible to damage – the rivet area in an easy open end.

The rivet area, despite being the tiniest part of an easy open end, undergoes the most mechanical deformation to build other portions of the end, such as the ridges. This could result in the lacquer coating cracking. 

When this happens, several quality issues could arise. Score lines, pull tab rivets, embossing, and panel steps are all vulnerable to metal fracture.

Innosen says that most, if not all, enamel raters on the market today can only test the integrity of the entire lid and are unable to focus just on the rivet area of an easy open end. 

Enamel rating the entire lid means it is almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location of the defect. 

The company adds that knowing the exact area of the defect is imperative for end makers as this gives them insights on what to adjust in the manufacturing process. 

Without relevant information about the defect, it will be difficult to make improvements in the process to produce a better product or to avoid making bad ones.

The new IS9025 EOE Rivet Adapter for Enamel Rater from Innosen is the “only tool” that can measure the coating porosity of the tiny “rivet area” on an easy open end. 

This allows end makers to enamel rate only the most important area of an end. It is used with the IS9020TMR End Adapter for Enamel Rater and the SI9100 Semi-automatic Enamel Rater to help check and identify if the end’s rivet is compromised.

The IS9025 has a lot of features that work together to help end makers achieve the most efficient way to enamel rate. One of which is the ceramic balls that help the end to easily slide into position. This means that there will be no doubt if the rivet is positioned exactly where it needs to be, warranting accuracy of measurements.

Just like other Innosen enamel rater adapters, the IS9025 also has an integrated calibration verification switch that allows users to conduct linearity test to ensure the product operates perfectly. Contacts are constantly verified through the unit’s automatic contact checking.

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