Truly variety pack inspired by Dua Lipa

Truly Hard Seltzer announced the launch of its new, limited-edition Truly Poolside Variety Pack inspired by Grammy award-winning pop star Dua Lipa. 

Meant to accentuate the vibes of summer, this first-ever limited-edition pack from Truly features four new summer cocktail-inspired flavours including Strawberry Melon Fizz, Orange Peach Fizz, Piña Colada Style and Kiwi Mojito Style. 

The Truly Poolside Variety Pack will be available May 15th through July at select retailers nationwide.

Limited Edition Truly Poolside Variety Pack

Bringing influences of the past into the present to create a refreshing new spin on familiar flavours, Truly Poolside Variety Pack takes inspiration from Dua Lipa’s second studio album, Future Nostalgia, and features bold can designs, a nod to those retro, nostalgic influences. 

“I love exploring new ways to express my creativity,” said Dua Lipa. “Playing CFO, Chief Flavour Officer, for Truly’s new Poolside Variety Pack is the latest trick up my sleeve and it being ready just in time for summer is no coincidence! See you by the pool!”

After two years of isolation, it’s easy to avoid exploration and stay where it’s familiar. But with this new innovation, Truly is encouraging drinkers to dip their toes back into the water, turn up the music and get back out there to uncover new possibilities this summer.

“As the next phase of our multi-year partnership with Dua Lipa, we’re thrilled to launch the new Truly Poolside Variety Pack,” said Lesya Lysyj, CMO of the Boston Beer Company. 

“From the summer cocktail-inspired flavours to the vibrant can designs, we wanted to create something that was new and innovative yet still familiar with hints of nostalgia. No matter what you have planned for the summer, we hope you get out there and flaunt all your flavours, big and small.”

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