American Canning opens second shrink-sleeve line

American Canning announced the opening of their second shrink-sleeve application line to increase its capacity to serve craft beverage makers.

The additional line increases their sleeving capacity and ability to service craft beverage producers needing decorated cans at lower minimum quantity orders.

American Canning is expanding operations throughout 2022 in a new facility with the addition of an environmentally-conscious, aluminium can manufacturing plant with printing capabilities and an additional shrink-sleeve line.

The company moved to a new facility in March that has three times more capacity for our production capabilities including: packaging supplies space and added machines manufacturing capacity to take our engineers’ concept and make custom parts, assemble machines, and perform R&D more efficiently.

The second shrink-sleeve application line was operational as of June 1.

American Canning said: “We have two times capacity to produce shrink-sleeved cans to better meet craft’s demand for lower quantity orders of decorated cans in time for peak canning season.

“This allows the lines to have separate focuses between standard and specialty can sizes to improve efficiencies with less downtime for changeover.”

VP of Operations at American Canning, Russ Spooner, said: “Our company is here to serve the small- to mid-sized craft beverage makers, and sleeving is one of the most valuable options for them to get their brand out there. It’s part of who we are.”

“The focus for sleeving is small- to mid-size producers, and for peak season, we needed the added capacity in order to keep up with demand.

“It gives us the opportunity to be more efficient. We’ll have two lines running – doubling the line capacity.”

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