G3 Enterprises secures reliable aluminium can supply

Aluminium can shortages have impacted a variety of grocery items since the pandemic began more than two years ago, and unfortunately, many product categories are still taking a hit.

The arrival of summer is a favourite time for consumers to enjoy a cold can of beer or innovative refreshment at the beach, the park or in their backyard. 

The recent aluminium can shortage has put this pastime in doubt while hitting small beer companies especially hard as they have been forced to pay more for aluminium cans if they could find a supply. 

However, for craft brewers and beverage companies throughout New England and the East Coast, their scramble for aluminium cans is over thanks to G3 Enterprises, a family-owned business and one of the beverage industry’s leading logistics and supply companies.

G3 Enterprises recently secured a dependable supply of high-quality, line qualified cans and lids. In addition, a new can plant in Nashua, New Hampshire is under construction and set to be completed within several months. 

The plant is being built for KJ Can USA, and when complete, it will supply hundreds of millions of both printed and brite cans each year to G3 Enterprises, with additional expansion to the new can plant coming in the near future. 

“We have secured a stable supply of aluminium cans that we are making available to impacted brewers and beverage companies with lower order minimum quantities, competitive prices, and shorter lead times,” said Richard Armstrong, Senior Director of G3 Enterprises Can Division. 

He added: “After participating in the Brewers Association Craft Brewers conference in early May, it was clear to us that beverage companies needed a dedicated regional can supply. 

“Our engagement with breweries and cideries has been very encouraging as we are quickly building relationships and providing secured, guaranteed, stable supply from a dedicated location that benefits customers now and in the future. We are looking to build on this momentum and provide additional capacity as the manufacturing location expands capacity in mid-2023.”

The Brewers Association, a national trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, estimates that more than 1,000 beverage companies have experienced aluminium can shortages in the past year and a half. 

Beginning last year and continuing into this year, many of the larger manufacturers of aluminium cans notified small and mid-size breweries that they were raising minimum can orders to very high levels or would no longer supply cans to smaller accounts. 

This left modest size craft producers with no aluminium cans. According to KJ Can USA, with the new can plant and the support of the G3 Can Division, the aluminium needs of regional craft brewers will be met for years to come.

“Our new modern plant is well-positioned, both with its location and timing, to satisfy the aluminium needs of brewers throughout New England and the Northeast region,” said Alvin Widitora, General Manager, KJ Can USA.

“We have seen first-hand the expertise G3 brings in this space, and we are excited to work with G3 as our commercial representative in the U.S. and Canadian market.” 

G3’s Can Division has been selling cans to beverage makers for the past few years. In addition to its supply of both cans and can ends in multiple sizes, the company can also print pressure-sensitive labels on various film and paper stocks using its innovative Reflection and Thermochromatic ink technologies which help seasonal and innovation brands stand out on the shelf. 

G3 Enterprises also has closure options (corks, caps and crowns) as well as robust logistics and 3PL warehouse capabilities to meet the needs of its customers and their operations. 

“The continued challenge of maintaining a consistent aluminium can supply in the market has made business very difficult for many mid-size and small customers.  G3 Enterprises has a well-earned reputation for delivering on behalf of our beverage customers,” said G3’s Armstrong. 

He added, “We have the expertise and experience to deliver a stable supply of high-quality aluminium cans, and we are thrilled to have this new domestic supply source that we can offer to our customers.”

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