The Kraken Rum enters RTD canned cocktail market

The Kraken Rum, the world’s top-selling dark rum brand, announced its entry into the ready-to-drink (RTD) category with the release of three new canned cocktails. 

With the US RTD market expected to continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 13% until 2030, Kraken is leaning into the category to offer consumers a convenient option to bring their rum cocktails wherever they explore this summer.

“As the demand for ready-to-drink beverages continues to boom and category growth rises, we’re eager and thrilled to introduce a new and convenient way for consumers to enjoy their favorite rum cocktails in three carefully curated flavours,” said Lander Otegui, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Proximo Spirits. 

“As one of the only dark rum-based RTD offerings on the shelves, our Kraken Rum cocktails offer an unexpected way to add a little extra fun to your summer plans whether you’re sipping at home or on an adventure at sea.”

Kraken’s new ready-made cocktails are available in three popular rum taste profiles to deliver a refreshing mix of classic and contemporary flavours. The canned cocktails are available and on shelves in select states with additional variants launching nationwide early next year.

Kraken Rum Cocktails in a Can:

  • Kraken & Cola: Balanced cola spices and spiced rum upfront with light citrus on the nose. Rich vanilla and caramel undertones. Finishes with toasted oak and sugarcane.
  • Kraken & Ginger Beer: Candied ginger and honey on the nose. Woody, spicy ginger starts upfront and lasts throughout. Finishes vanilla with subtle tropical fruit and brown sugar.
  • Kraken Rum Punch: Balanced pineapple, cherry, and citrus on the nose. Tropical pineapple upfront with juiced limes throughout with building maraschino and sunburst orange. Finishes ripe mango and citrus peel.

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