Golden Grail acquires canned water brand KOZ Water

Golden Grail Technology has announced the acquisition of KOZ Water.

KOZ Water is a premium purified and pH balanced water packaged in completely plastic-free 12oz and 16oz cans.

As bottled water exploded in popularity, it has contributed to a growing environmental problem. Sales of bottled water now exceed those of soda and beer in the US. 

Despite efforts to encourage recycling in cities across the country, plastic bottles used for soda and water are rarely recycled, research shows, and the US was the 20th biggest contributor to plastic waste in the oceans (out of 192 countries) as a result, in part, of the thirst for bottled beverages.

Aluminium, meanwhile, has emerged as a major competitor to plastic bottles according to data from the International Bottled Water Association. 

“Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and cans are the single-most recycled beverage package in the world,” said Sherrie Rosenblatt, spokeswoman for the Can Manufacturers Institute, a trade group. “In a world that is increasingly concerned about scarce resources, aluminium cans have the ability to be recycled over and over, forever, without losing strength or quality.”

“Single use plastic water bottles exist because there are times in life when one time use is either an easier option or the only option. KOZ Water provides a better option for those moments. KOZ Water, a premium canned purified water, offers an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic water bottles,” Eduard Abel, Co-Founder of KOZ Water. 

“We are thrilled to become part of the Golden Grail family of brands to fuel the next phase of growth for the KOZ Water brand. They have the expertise and distribution to expand further than we could have on our own which means more cans in hands and less plastic in our landfills and waterways.”

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