Golden Grail launches new Cause Water website

Golden Grail Technology has announced the launch of Cause Water’s new and improved website. 

In preparation for their East Coast launch the company has redesigned and improved the Cause Water website. The main objective of the site is education, providing visitors a clear tutorial on why to choose aluminium over plastic, plus shared resources to encourage further learning.

According to an article found in, single use plastics are a leading cause of ocean pollution. Half of all plastic produced is single use only, and a lot of this plastic waste makes it into the ocean.

Vantage Market Research reports the rise in the awareness related the disadvantages of using plastics and the initiative of government in banning use of such plastics that affects the environment badly has increased the growth of metal packaging market for the food and beverages during the forecast period.

“When you actively create educational programs that inspire your communities to buy less plastic, it makes a difference. Golden Grail now has two canned water brands and intends to actively market and educate on the importance of ocean and environment preservation. As a leader in the beverage industry, we have a responsibility to our planet and our community, that we take seriously,” said Erin Heit, Chief Marketing Consultant, Golden Grail Tech Beverages.

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