Greenbank and Proline consolidate business

CPM Holdings has announced that it is combining its Greenbank Business and Proline Business into one consolidated Business Unit to be known temporarily as CPM Can Business Unit.

This is a significant development that is fully aligned with CPM’s overall strategy and is expected to enhance the combined business as follows:

(i) As an employer of choice, by broadening growth opportunities for its teams.
(ii) By providing more value to its customer base by providing a more comprehensive solution to the current industries served.
(iii) By leveraging its capabilities to add additional services for its customers and expand in adjacent markets.

CPM Group acquired Greenbank Technology Limited in 2008, Proline Engineering Limited in 2017.

David Webster, CEO of CPM Holdings stated:

“I am very excited to see these two highly complementary Business Units be consolidated as one. First and foremost, we will be able to create more opportunities for our team members to grow within CPM by creating a business with both scale and advanced capabilities. In addition, we will be able to more effectively serve our customers and grow our business by leveraging the combined capabilities of our teams.”

Heading up CPM Can is Mark Williams as managing director:

“These are exciting times for both companies and our employees. We serve mostly the same industry and same customers so combining both companies, provides much more scope and opportunities. We are now not only able to provide a more comprehensive offer and support to our existing customers, but this allows us to diversify into new areas with innovation and product development.”

Under CPM Can Division the names and brands of the existing companies will be retained.

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