Aluminum Association pushes enforcement of unfair trade orders

European Aluminium

The Aluminum Association’s Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet Trade Enforcement Working Group and its individual members alleged in a recent filing with the Commerce Department that Chinese exporters and producers are circumventing the unfair trade orders on CAAS from China by selling 4017 alloy aluminium sheet for applications typically reserved for 3003 and 3105 aluminium sheet.

The association called on the Department to initiate a “minor alterations” inquiry to address circumvention of antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) orders published in 2019 on imports of common alloy aluminium sheet from China.

“The U.S. aluminium industry has made a commitment to rigorously monitor and enforce unfair trade laws to ensure a level playing field for domestic producers,” said Charles Johnson, president & CEO of the Aluminum Association. 

“We are confident that the Commerce Department will promptly review our petition and take appropriate action to ensure that unscrupulous exporters are not circumventing U.S. law.”  

Since AD/CVD orders were imposed, imports of 3003 and 3105 aluminium sheet from China have declined dramatically. 

Recently, however, Chinese exporters and producers have been marketing and selling increasing volumes of 4017 aluminium sheet as substitutes for 3003 and 3105 alloy aluminium sheet.

The heavily overlapping chemistries of alloys 4017 and 3003/3105 indicate that Chinese exporters and producers are simply seeking a “work-around” of the unfair trade orders.

The Commerce Department will evaluate the association’s allegation in the coming weeks to determine whether to initiate an inquiry into the alleged behaviour. 

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