Augusta Label + Packaging launches resealable can top

Augusta Label + Packaging announced the launch of a new resealable beverage can top.

The company says this solution is perfect for the craft beer and tea brewers, canned cocktails, the cannabis drinks market, along with canned coffee, and more. 

Augusta Label + Packaging has these recloseable can tops are in stock and ready to ship to customers.

In a post on their website, the company wrote: “Think about reclosable can lids as you plan your next product launch. Resealable beverage ends should be part of your next packaging plan. 

“Aluminium reclosable beverage can lids are great for your production of a reclosable end system for beverage cans.”

The patented design is easy to open and reseal, preserving the freshness and or carbonation of any beverage. It is currently offered in the 202 can size and can be run on any canning line.

According to market research, Out of the 350 billion canned beverages sold each year, 50% of consumers do not finish their drink.

95% of consumers would pay more for a resealable can that can be recycled. 37% of consumers would take their drink with them without spilling.

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