Berrapack invests €1m in aluminium and waterproof paper packaging

Portuguese packaging company Berrapack announced that it will invest €1million in manufacturing aluminium and waterproof paper packaging for the food industry.

“We will produce between 400,000 and 500,000 paper packages per day in the initial phase,” said businessman Jorge Lopes told reporters.

Berrapack will also continue to manufacture a ‘huge quantity of aluminium packages per day’ for the food sector, alongside waterproof paper packages.

Lopes added: “Possibly we will also be able to make paper cups, and we will also make more shapes in aluminium, which we have been producing for longer.”

The packaging produced by Berrapack is used by the hotel and restaurant industry, largely for takeaway packaging.

Lopes also announced the opening of ’13 more jobs’ at the Berrapack factory.

All of the manufactured products are sold to shopkeepers and dealers ‘in Portugal, Spain, France and, more recently, in Morocco’.

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