Coors Light introduces ‘Thirst Trap’ for cans

Coors Light is introducing a new tool that uses a can of beer to attract, and trap, pesky mosquitos. 

The Coors Light Thirst Trap, a 3-D-printed funnel, attaches to a 12-ounce can of Coors Light and attracts – and traps – the bothersome bugs.

“Officially humans love Coors Light, unofficially so do mosquitoes. So we’re directing mosquitos straight to the source: the remnants of your delicious beer. By doing so, we’re reclaiming outdoor spaces during the best parts of summer,” says Lindsay Wesloski, marketing manager for Coors Light.

The limited-edition Coors Light Thirst Trap – available online for $5 – works like this: A drinker cracks open a Coors Light and drinks it, leaving a few sips at the bottom. From there, they clip the Thirst Trap onto the mouth of the mostly empty can, attracting mosquitos with the sweet scent of beer. The mosquitos stay in the can, allowing consumers to chill bite-free with their friends.

The Thirst Trap, made of 3-D-printed resin, is Coors Light’s latest volley in its summer marketing program, where it’s declared itself the Official Beer of Everything Unofficial — ranging from snagging great seats at a ballgame to relaxing in a pool.

“Coors Light celebrates the best unofficial moments of summer. It’s hot, the weather’s nice, people want to spend as much time outside as possible,” Wesloski says. “The Coors Light Thirst Trap makes those moments just that much more enjoyable.”

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