Starbucks coffee capsules made with 80% recycled aluminium

Nestle has introduced Starbucks at Home by Nespresso coffee capsules that are made with 80% recycled aluminium.

The company also plans to transform all of its packing materials into 100 per cent recyclable or reusable products by 2025.

The product has been introduced in South Africa for consumers with the recycled aluminium coming from a variety of sources including post-consumer scrap as well as scrap recovered during the production processes.

Nicole Roos, business executive officer for Beverages at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region, said: “With every material we use to produce the capsules, we are committed to ensuring that none of our packaging ends up in landfill or as litter and aim to minimise the impact of our packaging on the environment.

“This includes advocating for adequate recycling infrastructure for coffee capsules regardless of the material used. In addition, aluminium can be re-melted and reused infinitely, giving it a second life.”

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