Stolle Announces new VP of SATO

Stolle Machinery has announced that Kevin Dallman has been named to the position of vice president – Stolle Advanced Technology Operation.

In this newly-created position, he will have a number of responsibilities – leading Stolle’s sustainability mission as well as technical manual writing for all Stolle equipment and customer training needs.  For the short term, Dallman is also managing the construction of Stolle’s new SATO R&D centre, located near the company headquarters in Centennial, Colorado.

This new 2800 sq M facility is dedicated to developing and advancing innovations across the Stolle product line and is scheduled to be in full operation in August 2022.  It will house a dedicated engineering team and perform testing and trial running of new technology.  

As an important element of that process, sustainability is playing an ever-larger focus in new equipment and facility design.  This includes procedures such as moving machinery manuals and training materials from printed documents to a web-based delivery system, not only improving delivery and content quality to customers, but also reducing the carbon footprint that printing and shipping currently uses.

The SATO team will also be actively reviewing all canmaking equipment to implement designs or create new innovations with more sustainable features that decrease the consumption of electricity, gas, water, materials and consumables while increasing the abilities to utilize potential alternative energy sources.

Canmakers are looking to Stolle for leadership in the development of more earth-friendly equipment and processes and the sustainability initiative is finding solutions to address these issues for both Stolle machines and those from other suppliers. 

Dallman has 39 years of experience in beverage, food and aerosol can and endmaking, working for industry leading companies that include Continental Can, Reynolds Metals, Ball Corporation, Impress, Exal, BWAY and Crown Cork and Seal.  He held a variety of positions in these companies including engineering, supervision, management, director and president, in both domestic (USA) and international locations.

During his 5 years with Stolle, Dallman has used his experience as a former customer to contribute to product improvements as well as helping to create more sustainable solutions for the future of the canmaking industry.

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