Casa Azul joins canned cocktail market

Amid a booming demand for canned alcoholic drinks and ready to disrupt a crowded market comes Casa Azul. 

Casa Azul’s authentic tequila soda line is setting itself apart from hard seltzers and canned cocktails by utilising real spirits, not malt liquor. 

The beverage provides consumers with real Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, crafted with natural fruit flavours and agave nectar. At only 100 calories per can, 0-1g carbs, and 5% alcohol, Casa Azul is a light, refreshing and delicious beverage that’s convenient for anytime and anywhere.

While the canned alcoholic drink market is flooded with choices, there’s an opportunity for better-for-you products that are made with quality ingredients – a space that no one knows better than serial entrepreneur Lance Collins. 

Collins is the beverage mogul behind brands like Fuze, CORE Hydration, and BODYARMOR, among many others. 

Seeing the growing desire for Tequila and Tequila Sodas, Collins developed the brand around a trademark he inherited from his dad, who was a successful spirits and wine entrepreneur in his own right. 

Built on a sentimental mission combined with incomparable business acumen, Collins created the great-tasting Casa Azul tequila sodas using real Tequila distilled in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico and featuring an iconic blue package. 

The brand name Casa Azul means “blue house,” a nod to the Blue Weber agave or agave azul used in crafting Tequila.

“The market is filled with low-calorie, low-ABV hard seltzers that people like because you can drink them anytime, but they’re all made with malt liquor. At the other end of the spectrum are canned cocktails made with real spirits, but they’re more than twice the alcohol and three times the carbs and sugar. With Casa Azul, I saw an opportunity to develop an easy-drinking, delicious Tequila Soda that brings the best of both worlds,” said Lance Collins, Casa Azul Founder and Chairman. 

“Many traditional tequila drinks in cans today, like margaritas or ranch waters, don’t even have actual tequila in them. Even more confusing, they call out “agave” but they’re talking about agave syrup. With the launch of Casa Azul tequila sodas, we’re showcasing an unwavering desire to bring a superior product to the RTD space.”

Casa Azul Tequila Soda has bold and unique blue packaging in a sea of white seltzer cans. The brand differentiates itself from many traditional canned Tequila drinks by having a simple ingredient list that includes sparkling water, Casa Azul Tequila, natural fruit flavours, and agave nectar. 

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