Colep Packaging acquires 40% of ALM

Colep Packaging has acquired a stake of 40% of ALM, a Spanish aluminium aerosol producer.

This movement allows the business to expand and grow by enlarging its packaging portfolio and have a wider range of sustainable materials packaging solutions. The result will be to offer the market more alternatives, flexibility and customisation through technological enhanced solutions.

This operation is part of Colep Packaging growth strategy, which bets on expanding also through acquisitions. Colep Packaging now enlarges its portfolio to aluminium and reinforces its offer of packaging solutions.

Paulo Sousa, CEO of Colep Packaging, said: “This acquisition represents an important moment in our growth strategy, aligned with the ambition to enlarge the packaging solutions of our company. This is one more step in our strategic implementation that allows us to have a more effective answer to the market and a stronger partnership with our customers.”

David Massanet, ALM general manager, added: “I believe that ALM with Colep Packaging will guarantee a more robust business, earning competitiveness and increase the value of our businesses in the future.”

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