Craft Canning delivers more than 2m cans

Eastside Distilling, Inc. announced that Craft Canning + Printing has printed and delivered more than two million cans from its Argyle printing operation.  

Craft acquired a Hinterkopf D240 digital can printer early in 2022 and started its aluminium digital can printing operation during the second quarter of 2022.  

The Company has ramped up printing to include two shifts and has reached the two million cans printed milestone earlier this month. Craft is supplying digitally printed cans to craft beverage customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Geoffrey Gwin, Eastside’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We have received an enthusiastic reaction from both existing and new customers since starting our digital can printing operation. This two million can milestone is just the first of many to come.”

Craft’s digitally printed cans have a number of benefits including high magazine quality printing, flexibly changing artwork and reducing supply chain costs.  

However, one of the greatest benefits is the fact all digitally printed cans are recyclable, which is not the case with some other forms of can decoration such as shrink sleeve applications. 

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