Halle Berry invests in canned wine brand Bev

Hollywood star Halle Berry has invested in canned wine brand Bev.

The canned wine brand was founded by Alix Peabody in 2017, and she says the company is on a mission to ‘Do it Different, Do it Better, Break the Glass’.

The currently produce five refreshingly crisp, lil’ fizzy, zero sugar canned wines.

Halle Berry said: “As an entrepreneur, it’s important for me to invest in companies that share my values and are utilizing their platforms to drive real change. 

“Having faced so much adversity as a black woman in Hollywood, I love that Bev is on a mission to break the glass ceiling and is promoting female empowerment in business and beyond.

“My relationship with Bev originated organically. I was sent the product to try, and quickly realized that Bev was something special. It was great to find a ridiculously delicious wine with zero sugar added and positive values. 

“After sampling, I immediately called Alix Peabody, Bev’s CEO, to tell her how much I loved the product and to see how I could get involved.

“What excites me most about Bev is that Alix and team are truly committed to positively evolving a traditionally male-dominated, heteronormative commercial sphere. 

“I’m excited to work hand in hand with Bev to rewrite the rules in an industry desperate for a more inclusive, socially conscious tomorrow.”

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