Anheuser-Busch rereleasing popular NÜTRL flavours

Anheuser-Busch is rereleasing its NÜTRL Cranberry variety pack nation-wide and will now be available all year round.

With cranberry flavoured drinks on the rise, NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer designed their first-ever all cranberry seltzer variety pack to help consumers enjoy a seltzer-forward take on the classic Vodka Cranberry. 

NÜTRL’s Cranberry Vodka Seltzer variety pack features four crisp and refreshing flavours:

● Classic Cranberry is NÜTRL’s take on a seltzer-forward vodka cranberry, filled with a ripe cranberry flavour that is light and refreshing.

● Cranberry Orange is filled with citrus flavour, offering a lightly sweet and pleasantly tart finish with every sip .

● Cranberry Grapefruit packs an unmistakable grapefruit flavour with a fall seasonal twist and hints of tropical citrus.

● Cranberry Apple blends the juicy and tart flavorus of apple and cranberry creating a perfectly balanced drink.

“Nothing says fall quite like cranberry, and we know our consumers were craving that classic cranberry taste in a fresh yet seasonal seltzer. We wanted to offer a Cranberry seltzer solution,” said Marisa Siegel, Head of Marketing, RTD Spirits, Anheuser-Busch. 

“Made with simple ingredients like vodka, seltzer and real juice, NÜTRL Cranberry is a straightforward combination of deliciously tart cranberry and vodka – making it the perfect hard seltzer to celebrate the season.”

NÜTRL Cranberry was a hit last fall during its limited launch, making it a must-have flavour to return in 2022. Americans everywhere can now upgrade their fall beverages to the refreshing and simple NÜTRL Cranberry wherever they purchase their spirits.

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