Nespresso expands aluminium capsule recycling in Canada


Nespresso Canada announced the launch of its Green Bag recycling solution in Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

Nespresso Club Members residing in the City of Grande Prairie will now have access to this recycling solution through a partnership with Aquatera Utilities Inc.

Grande Prairie represents the first municipality in Alberta to adopt the Green Bag solution. Over 600 municipalities across Canada participate in the Green Bag program. 

This is a simple and effective collection solution to recycle Nespresso aluminium capsules and help municipalities meet their sustainability targets. 

Audrey Rzasa, Operations Vice-President, Nespresso Canada said: ”We are excited for the first launch of our innovative recycling solution in Alberta. Since the beginning of 2020, approximately 200 additional municipalities have been able to take advantage of the Green Bag solution, making recycling Nespresso capsules as easy as possible for our customers. 

“This solution is also aligned with the concept of extended producer responsibility while allowing us to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.”

The Green Bag solution allows citizens of Grande Prairie to place their used aluminium Nespresso capsules in a fully recyclable green bag and then place them beside or on top their blue bag at the curb. 

In addition to curbside collection, a drop-off point will also be available in the city. Once the bags are sent to the sorting centre, they are then sent to a Nespresso recycling partner where capsules undergo a mechanical process that separates the coffee grounds from the aluminium. 

The aluminium is recycled, and coffee grounds are transformed into a high-quality compost, used on local farms. This is all without incurring additional costs to consumers or municipalities since the full costs of this program are assumed by Nespresso.

“As a leader in the industry, we are excited to offer this new curbside recycling program. Nespresso bringing this Green Bag initiative forward in Grande Prairie highlights their confidence in our collective commitment to sustainability and extended producer responsibility,” Vaughn Bend, Chief Executive Officer of Aquatera Utilities Inc.

“When introduced to the Green Bag program earlier this spring, there was no question that Grande Prairie wanted to be part of this innovative solution. Our commitment to sustainability places us as a municipal leader in the province,” Jackie Clayton, City of Grande Prairie Mayor.  

“Nespresso’s commitment to extend producer responsibility (EPR) showcases the importance of industry led change. I applaud both the City of Grande Prairie and Nespresso for this innovative and sustainable program”, Whitney Issik, Minister of Environment and Parks.

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