Pacific Foods launches new canned food range

Pacific Foods is giving soup lovers 14 more organic reasons to enjoy soup season with the introduction of canned ready-to-eat hearty soups and plant-based chilis in infinitely recyclable non-BPA lined packaging.

The shift to hearty, ready-to-serve soup in steel cans comes at a time when one-third of millennial consumers consistently consider sustainability when making a purchase. 

The reinvigorated line also features reformulated vegan and non-vegan varieties, like Vegetable Lentil and Chicken and Wild Rice, for a better taste, spotlighting an array of delicious, organic, popular ingredients, such as tahini and kale, that are ready to be served in minutes.

In addition to the transition of hearty soups to cans, Pacific Foods is rolling out its first-ever line of plant-based chilis in three unique and tasty recipes: Fire-Roasted Vegetable Chili, Harvest Black Bean Chili and White Bean Verde Chili. 

Featuring curated ingredients such as tomatillos, roasted poblano peppers and black quinoa, each of the new plant-based chilis packs a flavourful punch and contains 12-17 grams of protein and fibre per container – great for nutritious and nourishing meal-time moments.

“The launch of hearty soups and plant-based chilis in cans is an exciting and important moment for Pacific Foods as we further our commitment to high-quality, premium ingredients and packaging,” said Tim Goldsmid, Vice President of Marketing at Pacific Foods. 

“This extension will help welcome new consumers with different palettes and diet preferences to the soup aisle, introducing them to our variety of convenient and nutritious offerings.”

The launch of the ready-to-eat soups comes at a time when Pacific Foods continues to drive innovation in wellness offerings, introducing new and younger consumers to the brand. In the past two years, Pacific Foods has seen an 8% household penetration lift across its soups, broths and plant-based milks.

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