Waterloo Sparkling Water launches new flavours

Waterloo Sparkling Water announced the launch of its all-new Spiced Apple sparkling water and the anticipated return of its Cranberry, both as limited-time-only (LTO) offerings this fall. 

The brand says they are perfect for savouring straight out of a chilled can while cheering on your favourite team or creating fall-inspired mocktails and cocktails.

Waterloo’s all-new Spiced Apple flavour offers a nostalgic and unique fall experience, with a blend of crisp apple, aromatic spices, and sweet cider notes that transports you to an evening gathered around the firepit.

“When developing our newest flavour, Spiced Apple, we took inspiration from flashbacks of our favourite fall experiences – tailgating, campfires with friends, and enjoying homemade apple cider with the family on a breezy fall evening. We wanted this flavour to ignite the best memories of the season for our fans,” said Adam Price, SVP of Operations and Flavour Development Lead at Waterloo. 

“After 50 versions over nine months of development, we found the perfect balance of warm baked and fresh crisp apple flavours with cinnamon and spice notes, landing on an apple pie filling finish with hints of vanilla sweetness. That’s when we knew we nailed it.”

In addition to Spiced Apple, Waterloo Cranberry is returning to celebrate the season again. Its many fans will remember that Cranberry is a crisp, vibrant, and complex flavour that artfully blends the familiar tartness with juicy and tannin notes – all the best of cranberry.

“Spiced Apple is a knockout flavour! Our development team did it again, in our ongoing obsession to craft unique, authentic, and full-out flavours that taste like they are supposed to,” says Jason Shiver, Waterloo Sparkling Water CEO. “We think our fans – and our retailer partners — will love our Spiced Apple. It is a differentiated addition to the season’s assortment, alongside Cranberry, which is making a return appearance after a successful debut last fall.”

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