Consumers believe more needs to be done on recycling

The latest consumer poll results by Every Can Counts (ECC) highlight that a truly sustainable future will require close collaboration between governments and beverage brands.

The Recycling Habits and Attitude in Europe 2022 survey explores current recycling habits, identifies barriers and motivations to increase recycling (particularly while out-of-home), assesses knowledge around the recycling of aluminium beverage cans and uncovers messages that connect with European consumers.

Nearly 13,000 respondents were surveyed from 14 European countries, including Belgium, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France.

Nine in 10 said protecting the environment and recycling is important, but the vast majority believed not enough is being done by governments and businesses to address the associated challenges.

Two in three survey participants found initiatives to reduce waste and encouraging individuals to recycle as necessary tactics for protecting the environment.

Nine in 10 respondents also said that companies should be held responsible for the packaging they use and that it should be fully recyclable.

Consumers recognise they must play their part as well, with seven in 10 people who took the survey saying they should be held responsible for the choices they make in terms of product packaging.

The message is clear: Recycling in Europe is not living up to its potential. Consumers need help from governments, brands, retailers and the packaging industry to do better.

The top three initiatives consumers would like to see implemented to increase recycling rates are: using only 100% recyclable packaging (53%); more recycling in public areas (52%); and a deposit return program (50%).

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