Wine seltzer launches direct to customer service

JETWAY, an ultra-premium wine seltzer brand, has expanded its accessibility with the announcement of its direct to consumer (DTC) launch.

Founded in November 2021 by musician Albert Hammond Jr. – most widely known as The Strokes’ lead guitarist – JETWAY was born from the ethos of living one’s adventure with flavours inspired by his travels around the globe. 

The music is widely available, and now the liquid is too. COO and partner Ben Parsons, founder of Infinite Monkey Theorem, The Ordinary Fellow, and a pioneer of the urban winery trend, brings an extensive 20-year career in the wine industry to craft JETWAY.

JETWAY is currently available in two flavours – a Sauvignon Blanc (infused with yuzu, Fijian ginger, elderflower, yerba mate) and a Rosé of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon (infused with white peach, Fijian ginger, yerba mate, orange peel) – both of which are sourced from the McNary Vineyard, which overlooks the Columbia River in Washington state. Both varieties contain 100% natural ingredients, are vegan friendly, and gluten-free.

JETWAY’s line of naturally uplifting wine seltzers is available in cans, a beverage category on the rise with an estimated worth of $20 billion today, and by kegs at Disneyland California, San Diego Zoo, music festival pop-ups including Coachella and Outside Lands, and other locations, marking the first time a wine seltzer being served in this format.

“JETWAY was designed to take on adventures, to go anywhere, to make a moment a memory. Since day one, we’ve wanted JETWAY to reach as many people as possible and launching our nationwide DTC model makes that possible,” said Albert Hammond Jr. 

“JETWAY can finally do what we intended it to – take off and spread joy – especially when served ice cold.”

“Since launching JETWAY, we have found the majority of our audience discovers the brand on social media, so introducing a nationwide DTC option to meet our customers wherever they are is a natural expansion of both the brand and its digital platform,” said Ben Parsons. 

“The people have spoken, and we are thrilled that JETWAY is now available to ship to homes and parties all over the country.”

Ultra-premium wine seltzer lovers nationwide (except AK, HI, MS, TN and UT) can now order JETWAY by the can to their doorsteps from and receive free shipping on every order. 

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