Crown debuts new corporate website

Crown logo

Crown Holdings has launched a newly designed corporate website to communicate the brand-building value of metal packaging.

It’s designed to highlight the format’s robust sustainability credentials, and provide updates about the Company’s key environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievements. To view the website, visit

Thomas T. Fischer, vice president, investor relations and corporate affairs at Crown said: “Our innovation leadership, market expertise, and geographic and product diversity enable our customers to deliver superior experiences to consumers and build their brands in highly competitive environments,”

“We are excited about the opportunity our new website creates to reinforce our capabilities, as well as demonstrate how metal packaging aligns with the values of modern consumers and contributes to a stronger Circular Economy.”

The user-friendly website provides a clear overview of the Company’s technology portfolio and guides visitors through product options and their relative benefits and impacts.

It details the recyclability and environmental benefits of metal packaging, while also explaining Crown’s ambitious Twentyby30programme to accelerate sustainability across its five key ESG pillars.

Information about finishes, printing processes, and other design characteristics that can help brand owners create lasting connections and build brand preference is also readily available.

Users will also gain insight into trends driving the increased adoption of metal packaging and have access to a variety of educational, design and support resources to help maximise the value of the format.

Internal and external stakeholders can stay informed about the Company’s latest news and expert commentary via its newsroom, which contains press releases and a regularly updated blog that focuses on a range of topics including design, sustainability and innovation.

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