ROKiT Fuel launches in UK

Energy drink brand ROKiT Fuel has launched in the UK and plans to rollout internationally.

Designed to appeal to those who have out-grown standard energy drinks, ROKiT Fuel is a Vegan Society certified and vegetarian approved, all-natural, refreshing and invigorating lychee and passion fruit flavoured sparkling energy-giving drink, containing natural caffeine.

Commenting, Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of the ROKiT Group of Companies, said “ROKiT Fuel is a perfect addition to our drinks portfolio because we recognise there is a big gap in the market of those people who will appreciate our more grown-up and sophisticated 100% natural energy-giving drink which can be consumed on its own and delicious when mixed with vodka or gin.”

With The Grocer magazine predicting that 40% of energy drink sales in the UK by 2025 will be naturally inspired products, all-natural ROKiT Fuel will be rolled-out internationally in the coming weeks and months to meet this growing demand, with brand awareness being driven, in part, by ROKiT’s on-going sponsorship of motorsports and through its Brand Ambassadors.

“The initial reaction to taste-tests of ROKiT Fuel by potential consumers, distributors and retailers has been fantastically positive wherever we have offered it, so we are very excited by the massive potential of ROKiT Fuel.” Added Kendrick.

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