Trivium Packaging enters new packaging market

Trivium Packaging has announced it is entering a new segment of the packaging market that can benefit from aluminium bottle packaging.

Whilst metal has long been used for more traditional large tins of bulk liquid or in aerosol formats of edible oilcontainers, this is the first time aluminium has been adapted to be suitable for liquid edible oil closures.

Packaging edible oils in aluminium achieve the lightweight typically associated with plastic without concerns of leaching while also offering the premiumisation of glass due and enhanced durability as it is puncture resistant and does not shatter. But, the benefits of aluminium packaging for edible oil don’t stop there.

The metal is capable of protecting and maintaining the technical properties of the oil and its sustainability value in being infinitely reusable and recyclable.

In addition, the design of the aluminium bottle differentiates it from the plastic and glass bottles on the shelves due to the high speed in-line printing that enables metal packaging to take on nearly infinite graphical effects without the need for labels.

Brands can use the entire surface of the bottle to achieve the desired look without ever adding paper or plastic components. 

As the need for more sustainable packaging alternatives continues to grow, both through consumer demand and environmental crises, brands are beginning to act. And as 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, brands can also tap into the commercial value of aluminium packaging.

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