Vizzy becomes official hard seltzer of pickleball


Vizzy Hard Seltzer has been named the official hard seltzer of pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport.

A new national partnership with the Professional Pickleball Association makes Molson Coors Beverage Company the league’s exclusive beer, hard seltzer and flavoured malt beverage sponsor, and Vizzy its first-ever hard seltzer sponsorship. 

Molson Coors will pair the company’s lineup of beer, hard seltzer and non-alcohol beverages with the up-and-coming sport.

“When watching a sport like pickleball, you need something just as bold and fun, which is why we’re so excited to match the wide variety of the Molson Coors portfolio with the PPA as their official alcohol beverage partner,” says Bill Averill, Molson Coors’ vice president of field marketing. 

“Led by our vibrant and flavourful Vizzy Hard Seltzer family, which includes everything from tropical fruit to mimosa flavours, we can’t wait to serve a whole new vibe on and off the court and establish Vizzy as the leading hard seltzer playing in pickleball.”

Vizzy, America’s No. 5-selling hard seltzer, according to IRI, will show up as pickleball’s official hard seltzer with on-site event activations, out-of-home advertising, retail and merchandise, as well as digital and social media influencer content.

In addition to Vizzy, Molson Coors will showcase brands including Miller Lite and offerings from its above-premium innovation portfolio, like Simply Spiked Lemonade, at select PPA tournaments across the country. And Molson Coors will bring non-alc brands like ZOA and ZenWTR to pickleball fans, as well.

Described as a cross between tennis, badminton and ping-pong, pickleball has been around since the 1960s, but saw a national resurgence during the pandemic. 

Since then it’s exploded in popularity, drawing in 4.6 million players – yes, they’re called picklers – and growing to become the nation’s fastest-growing sport, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

And while picklers have historically skewed older, the fastest-growing demographic among players is those age 21-34, Vizzy’s core consumers, according to statistics from USA Pickleball.

“Teaming up with the PPA was a no-brainer for Vizzy – pickleball is sweeping the country right now because it’s bringing a totally unexpected mashup to the world of sports,” says Liz Cramton, Molson Coors’ marketing director for Vizzy. “As a hard seltzer that stands for bold flavour combos in every can, Vizzy is a perfect match for pickleball, and we can’t wait to be the hard seltzer that plays there first.”

For Vizzy, the partnership with PPA is its latest foray into the sports arena. The hard seltzer already is served and advertised at several professional baseball and football stadiums. Now it’s staking out a presence with pickleball and its rapidly growing fanbase.

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