Batch of AirWick aerosol cans recalled over rupture risk

A batch of AirWick aerosol air fresheners have been recalled due to a risk of rupture to the metal can.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission put out the notice that manufacturer Reckitt was recalled around 67,000 8oz aerosol cans.

The products affected were the ‘Fresh Linen’ [blue and white can, white cap, green Airwick logo, UPC 0-62338-74734-7] and ‘Fresh Waters’ [green and white can, white cap, green Airwick logo, UPC 0-62338-77002-4] air fresheners.

The post read: “A single batch of the aerosol air fresheners is missing a corrosion inhibitor, which can lead to corrosion and rupture of the metal can and expulsion of the contents, posing injury and laceration hazards. 

“In addition, corrosion of the container can result in leakage, posing a risk of skin and eye irritation upon contact.”

The company has received five incident reports including two reports of the can leaking, two reports of the can rupturing and one report of both the can leaking and rupturing. No injuries have been reported.

Consumers have been told to immediately stop using the recalled air fresheners, wrap the product in several layers of paper, and dispose in accordance with state and local requirements. 

Reckitt is offering consumers a voucher for a free replacement Fresh New Day aerosol air freshener. 

Consumers should contact Reckitt to submit a photo of the recalled can, along with their contact information and written confirmation that they will dispose of the can to receive a voucher for a free replacement.

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