Envases to open food can production plant in Quebec

Envases Group Packaging Solutions is planning to open a new packaging facility in Granby, Quebec. 

The Mexican-based company will launch the new packaging line in 2023 following an investment of $13 million.

The project is expected to create 30 jobs at the 55,000sq-ft facility in Arthur-Danis Street.

Envases has already started advertising roles at the new plant, which will focus on manufacturing cans for the food industry.

On a job listing for ‘Assistant Controller’, the company said: “The Envases group continues its global expansion with the opening of a production plant in Granby, Quebec, Canada. The Granby-based company will focus on manufacturing cans for the food industry.

“We are looking for an assistant controller for our Granby plant. Important, if you are interested in applying for this job, please send us your CV in French and English, as bilingualism is mandatory for this position.”

“Granby becomes for them (EGPS) a strategic place because of the main roads (…). And what’s more, they make a product that isn’t made here. So it does not come to compete with a company that already exists and it comes to complete our niche of excellence in food processing,” said the general manager of Granby Industrial, Patrick Saint-Laurent. 

“If all goes well, the first equipment will be back before Christmas and the real production will be in 2023. You have to understand that they have manufacturing processes that no one here knows about. It is Mexicans who will come to train the hired personnel as did the Millet Group (French company specialising in plastics) when it arrived in Granby, said Mr. Saint-Laurent.

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