Sherwin-Williams wins prestigious award

The Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings division has won a silver Global Good Award for Best Product of the Year for valPure V70, the world’s first non-BPA epoxy coating for food, beverage and personal care can linings.

Global Good Awards honour individuals and enterprises that are driving social and environmental change.

 In bestowing the Global Good Award to Sherwin-Williams, organisers recognised the company’s decade-long R&D and stakeholder engagement efforts that brought valPure V70 to market.

The valPure V70 technology was developed utilizing the Sherwin-Williams Safety by Design product development protocol. 

This innovative approach to product development was modelled after preclinical pharmaceutical evaluations, all targeted at developing an innovative packaging coating technology with the same performance benefits of an epoxy coating without the use of BPA.

“We are confident that we have developed an innovative non-BPA can coating technology platform in valPure V70 that canmakers, brand owners and consumers can trust,” says Mauricio Lizarraga, Global Beverage Marketing Manager, Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings. “Our Safety by Design raw material assessment and stakeholder-focused process has enabled us to accomplish this goal and lead the market in non-BPA solutions.”

valPure V70 delivers the corrosion protection, flavour protection and pack performance canmakers and brand owners demand, and it meets stringent international regulatory requirements for food safety.

The product was also designed to ensure packagers can switch to non-BPA solutions without overhauling existing manufacturing processes.

While newly launched in the European market, valPure V70 technologies are widely used throughout North America, with over 100 billion cans in the market.

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