Supermodel invests in hard seltzer brand

Supermodel Sara Sampaio has acquired a stake in canned beverage brand PHUNK and takes the position of Chief Innovation Officer. 

It was in New York, where she has lived for over a decade, that Sara Sampaio first came across hard seltzers. These drinks have some key features; carbonated water, to which flavours and a reduced alcohol content are added.

The supermodel acknowledges that being a PHUNK CINO brings her an incredible sense of pride. She said: ”Now I have the opportunity to use all my creativity with a brand that I love. Right from the start with the creation of new flavours, campaigns”. 

The former Victoria’s Secret angel explains that “hard seltzers are the trendy drink”, and explains why: “Hard seltzers are the ideal drink, they are practical, refreshing, low in calories, have pleasant flavours and all you have to do is take them out of the fridge”.

And why PHUNK? Sampaio states that she started by being “in love with the cans”, which “are cute and colourful”. But what really made the difference was the taste: “I’ve tried many hard seltzers in the US and none compares to PHUNK.”

As for goals set, Sara Sampaio is clearly ambitious: “We want to take PHUNK everywhere, to the whole world! We want people to fall in love with the drink, first in Europe and then in Brazil. However, the US market is our main objective. I know we have a long way to go but I believe we will make it!”

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