Ball and O’cean beverages set goal of recycling every can

Ball Corporation and O’cean Beverages have set a goal of collecting and recycling every O’cean Energy Drink Sustainable Edition can consumed, a 100% plant-based energy drink.

They have partnered with India cricket legend Virat Kohli for the campaign and he has been posting on his social media channels about their progress.

He wrote: A year ago,@OceanBeverages and @BallCorpHQ began a mission to minimize the environmental footprint. 

“Today,with the O’cean Energy Drink Sustainable Can, we’ve collected 300k+ cans to be recycled.Our goal is to collect & recycle every can u consume.”

The O’cean Energy Drink Sustainable Edition aluminium can be infinitely recycled.

Ball is also working with a number of sports leaders and brands who have embraced this rapid shift to more environmentally responsible consumption.

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