Canpack partners with Svijany Brewery

Canpack has partnered with Svijany Brewery in bringing to life a special edition design for its traditionally brewed beer over the Christmas holidays.

The company has produced a stylish set of cans designed to bring Svijany’s famous unpasteurised lager closer to consumers during the festive season.

Through special editions, brands aim to establish stronger bonds with their consumers. They help to create shared memories that draw communities together.

The cans, as well as the beverage they contain, help to generate a sense of celebration and occasion. Elevated branding anticipates the experience of the refreshing drink inside.

“All of this is especially true at Christmas,” explained Roman Havlík, CEO, Svijany Brewery.

“Svijany wanted to create a collectable edition that captures the spirit of the season and the deep traditions of their celebrated brew. Drawing on several years of fruitful partnership, Canpack collaborated with Svijany to achieve these cheerful goals.”

The cans carry elegant designs in predominantly purple tones that strike notes of luxury and festivity. The elegant artwork echoes familiar Christmas decorations.

Canpack implemented three special effects to enhance the design. The SUPERWHITE printing ink highlights the seasonal impact of the decoration. This brightest of whites evokes the snowy scenes traditionally associated with Christmas. It also matches the clean taste and pure ingredients of this naturally produced lager.

The MATT finish over the whole can lends a subtly sophisticated look and feel to the whole package. Canpack also used its QUADROMIX technology which can mix up to four design variations in one production run.

Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer at Canpack, added: “Using these innovative techniques allowed us to create custom cans that tell a great story and create a festive feeling. We believe this purple edition of 2022 will attract new consumers to the drink.”

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