British gin producer switches to aluminium bottles

British gin producer Penrhos Spirits has decided to switch from glass to aluminium bottles.

The brand made the announcement on their website and listed their reasons, that included the sustainability of aluminium and the weight that then has to be transported.

The post said: “At Penrhos fruit farm, we live every day surrounded by greenery, our bees and beautiful nature. When our imperfectly perfect fruit wasn’t good enough for the shop shelf, and was going to waste, we thought there must be a better way for our farm and for the planet. And there was…

“We started Penrhos Spirits not because we thought the world needed another gin brand, but because we wanted better for our wibbly wobbly fruit. And it just so happened it created a tasty gin that was truly unique with its blueberry flavour notes.

“From there we’ve been making better use of our apples from the orchards, our honey from the apiaries, rhubarb from the farm and wibbly wobbly raspberries to add flavoured gins, a non-alcoholic spirit and rum to our family.

But something was niggling us. We were curious yet again, about a better way for our bottles too. A path of experimentation and discovery led us to our new aluminium bottles. Custom-made and completely reusable, recyclable and refillable, it felt like the perfect home for our imperfectly perfect fruit.

“Introducing our new bottles, fully recyclable aluminium bottles with our limited edition ‘Wonky Raspberry’ gin. Made from 100% recycled aluminium cutting energy requirements, packaging, transport and our carbon footprint.

“At Penrhos we want to improve the circular economy by helping create easy solutions that help our customers and the environment. Did you know that 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today?”

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