Hoffmann Neopac unveils new child resistant tins for cannabis products

Hoffmann Neopac has unveiled a new, child resistant, tin designed for use with cannabis products.

The new tins are 26.5mm in height, higher than previous products in order to contain bulkier products, while it has a diameter of 70mm.

Hoffmann Neopac says the tin is designed to carry dry and semi-dry cannabis products, such as edibles, CBD oils, creams, gummies, and concentrates.

The tin is aimed at increasing recyclability and product protection. The lid has been designed to protect the contents from external light.

A post on the company’s website said: “We are pleased to present our next generation full metal CR-Tin. (CR certification pending). Fully recyclable child-resistant (CR) opaque tins for dry and semi-dry highly concentrated or enriched products, such as food supplements or hemp-derived products.

“The tins protect flavour and maintain cannabis product and active ingredient integrity. They also are designed for safety: While the tins’ lids are easily accessible for adults and senior citizens, accidental opening by children or pets is deterred via child-safe screw closure.”

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