RationAle offers buy one get one free on non-alcoholic beer packs

RationAle Brewing, is taking the pressure off beer lovers to go dry, this January, with the opportunity to still enjoy craft brews, with and without the booze, and bring their friends along for the ride — avoiding the shame spiral and drunken alter-egos they know all too well.

From December 23, 2022 through January 31, 2023, RationAle is making moderation easy with its online store offering a free six-pack of its non-alcoholic craft beer with purchase of any one six-pack with code: BYFAB (Buy Your Friend a Beer).

“The premise for Dry January ties back to people over-drinking through the holidays — candidly, if you could just moderate your boozing through a little moderation you wouldn’t join the millions of hungover Americans that unsuccessfully go cold turkey in the New Year,” shares Jamie Fay, Founder and CEO of RationAle Brewing. 

“We’re here to say, ‘Screw Dry January — keep drinking the beer you love, without the shame and guilt that comes with over-drinking alcohol.’ By making moderation taste good, accessible and affordable, there’s no excuse to choose a non-alcoholic beer alongside your favorite alcoholic beer in the quest to scale down your boozing.”

In addition to the offer to buy two six packs for the price of one, RationAle is running a campaign to bring light to the alter-egos that tend to come out when folks have had ‘one-too-many’ drinks. 

Launched in late 2021, RationAle has added variety, flavour and innovation to the fast-growing U.S. non-alcohol beer category, providing brew-loving consumers with delicious options to enjoy craft beer in moderation. All of RationAle’s completely-crushable, non-alcoholic craft brews are made in small batches with high-quality ingredients, maintaining the bold, refreshing taste of traditional craft beer.

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