Sherwin-Williams’ valPure V70 wins innovation award

ValPure V70, the world’s first non-BPA epoxy coating for food, beverage and personal care can linings, has won the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award.

The SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award recognises game-changing ideas and products that pave the way to a sustainable future.

In winning this award, SEAL recognises that valPure V70 is technology that can support and help build a sustainable packaging industry.

Metal packaging is critical to reducing packaging waste, providing a near-infinite recycling loop, while ensuring consistent product quality and shelf life.

To develop a non-BPA coating technology that is safe for use and delivers superior performance, Sherwin-Williams partnered with can manufacturers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), independent laboratories and brand owners to design a technology that addresses common challenges in the packaging industry – including performance, shelf-life and safety.

This unique approach to product development and design has been adopted by the Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings business and is known as Sustainability by Design. valPure V70 represents a technology that has been tested against a range of metrics to provide a long-term coatings solution for one of the most sustainable forms of packaging.

Critically, valPure V70 can be effectively applied to 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium. Our valPure V70 supports can makers and brand owners to achieve circularity goals while responding to market demand for new coating solutions. 

“We are excited to have won the SEAL Sustainable Innovation award. The award is a fantastic endorsement for our product development process and the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering safe and sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Jeffrey Niederst, director, global beverage marketing.

“We are delighted that valPure V70 is helping can makers transition to a non-BPA technology without overhauling their existing manufacturing processes and equipment.”

While newly launched in the European market, valPure V70 technologies are widely used throughout North America, with over 100 billion cans in the market.

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