Wildpack sets new monthly records

Wildpack Beverage Inc. has reached new monthly records for confirmed customer orders of $5,874,535, total throughput of 21,728,174 cans, filling throughput record of 2,223,805 cans, and brokering throughput of 14,426,812 can and can equivalents.

“Wildpack’s monthly numbers continue to prove that the increasing ramp in sales and production levels continues to build,” commented Mitch Barnard, Chief Executive Officer. 

“Wildpack is attracting new customers, improving facilities, and modernising our platform. Three consecutive record months of customer confirmed orders and improving plant utilisation are compelling key indicators for the health of Wildpack.”

In November 2022, Wildpack’s confirmed customer order and filling throughput records were accompanied by a 37% month-over-month improvement in plant utilisation to 26%. 

The total utilisation of 26% represents Wildpack’s second highest month of 2022. 

Record customer confirmed orders of $5.9 million was driven by higher per order average sales, and 46 new customer conversions, Wildpack’s second highest conversion total in the year.

Wildpack’s November’s throughput of 21.7 million cans was driven by records in both filling and brokering throughput. 

The Filling division had throughput of 2.2 million cans, the Brokering division had 14.4 million equivalent 12-ounce cans brokered. 

The Decorating and Printing divisions, while not records, had strong throughput of 3.1 million cans and 2 million sleeves respectively. Wildpack maintained quality assurance yields above 90% for the month across all production lines.

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