Diostyl Holding partners with Grupo Sayer

Diostyl Holding B.V. has recently announced that it’s partnering with Grupo Sayer S.A. de C.V. in the can coatings business.

This partnership will become effective as of 1 January, 2023.

Grupo Sayer will invest and acquire 50% of Diostyl Holding BV, giving it financial strength, cost savings, production facilities and technology that will bolster its position in the ever-changing can coatings industry.

With newly acquired strengths in technologies, such as UV and BPA-NI, Diostyl will aim to further its distribution opportunities not only in Europe but also in all of the Americas.

Diostyl’s headquarters will remain in The Netherlands and will be run by the actual management who will continue to sell new and innovative metal packaging coatings and sealants.

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