Estrella Galicia replaces cardboard from multipack cans

Estrella Galicia will remove cardboard packaging from its multipack cans in a bid to reduce waste and the company’s carbon footprint.

The brand, which is owned by Corporación Hijos de Rivera, will replace cardboard in favour of a few glue points that holds the cans together.

Initially, plastic rings had been replaced by cardboard and now they have gone one step further to replace it with the glue dots.

Ignacio Rivera, president of Corporación Hijos de Rivera, said: “Estrella Galicia has announced the upcoming arrival of a new format without any packaging in its packs of cans to follow the path of reducing packaging: the No Pack dispenses with the cardboard that covers them.”

He added: “our ambition is to always do things better, looking for new ways to generate a greater positive impact. We are constantly working to make our products more and more environmentally friendly, innovating in different aspects that help us minimise the waste and carbon footprint linked to our activity. 

“The No Pack is the perfect example that sums up our purpose of not conforming. We believe that the best packaging for the planet is the one that doesn’t exist.”

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