Eviosys partners with Barilla

Eviosys has partnered with Barilla as it presents renewed range of Pesto Barilla targeted at the premium market.

Barilla has transitioned to Eviosys deep closures supported by the Eviosys technical teams, including the installation of new capping machines.

The high-quality seal and optimal protection of Eviosys deep metal closures ensures the preservation of the taste of Barilla’s premium basil and the authentic Italian flavours.

Combining circular packaging and 100% recyclable closure, Eviosys’ packaging innovations continue to support brands in their journey to a more sustainable future.

The new packaging, features a revised logo, graphics, and jar design, showcasing the care and quality of the ingredients that goes into every jar.

Eviosys has supported Barilla’s transition to a new premium packaging design, with a deep closure and the installation of new capping machines in Barilla plants across Italy.

The partnership represents a step change in the food sector more broadly, highlighting that packaging can be both sustainable and premium, leading the way for brands globally to adopt innovative sustainable packaging solutions without compromising on the design of their products and preserving their ingredients even better.

The partnership builds on Eviosys’ ambitious ESG program, Preserve Together, using innovation to drive progress and sustainability in the sector. 

Olivier Aubry, chief commercial officer, at Eviosys said: “Eviosys and Barilla are a natural fit for this partnership. Both value high-end, sustainable products, and ensuring that their offering the best quality and preserving the planet.

“Barilla’s Pesto Barilla range was the first in the pesto category to bring basil from sustainable agriculture to a global level, while Eviosys’ commitment to innovation drives the sustainable revolution in the packaging of high-end food products.”

Matteo Gori, Pesto Barilla global marketing director, at Barilla added: “Our partnership with Eviosys has been instrumental in making our new packaging design and evolution of the Pesto Barilla range possible.

“I believe Barilla Pesto will command greater recognition on the shelf, thanks to the perfect combination of packaging that exemplifies quality, Italianity and sustainability.”

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