Ipswich partners with canned wine brand in sustainability drive

Canned wine brand Vinca Wine have become the Ipswich Town’s new wine provider.

In the latest move towards sustainability and ahead of the upcoming Green Football Weekend, Ipswich have switched up their wine listing away from single-serve plastic bottles in favour of Vinca – an organic wine served in recycled aluminium cans.

The partnership with Vinca reduces single-use plastic in the stadium and slashes the club’s carbon footprint further as canned wines are far lighter to transport and more widely recycled after use.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the decision also allows the Blues to work with more local business people.

The canned wine was launched by three Suffolk school friends who grew up around Framlingham. Vinca’s Head of Wine, 33-year-old Jack Green, spent a decade as a wine buyer before going into business. 

The sustainability benefits of canned wine over glass or plastic are vast. The majority of carbon emissions from the wine industry stem from transportation and packaging. Producing wine in aluminium cans has a much lower weight and space requirement in shipping containers which drastically reduces emissions. 

Vinca cans are made with 75% recycled aluminium and can be recycled indefinitely. By comparison, glass wine bottles contain just 23% recycled material on average.

Jack, Vinca’s Head of Wine, said: “It’s great to shake up the wine industry by selling exceptional wine in this new format, although I’m biased of course! We’re already seeing more and more venues switch to cans, which is really exciting. As we’re all Tractor Boys, being stocked at Portman Road is a childhood dream come true! 

“I’ve worked in the wine trade for over 10 years. In the last year I’ve seen more devastation to vineyards, a direct consequence of global warming, than I have in all my years in the trade. I wanted to launch a wine brand with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Lighter shipping means we can slash our carbon footprint compared to importing glass bottles of wine. Ipswich Town is leading the charge in making changes towards slashing their carbon footprint and single-use plastic. We’re so proud to be a supplier to the Ccub.”

Stuart Cox, Director of Venue, Ipswich Town Football Club added: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Vinca Wine. As a club, it’s important that we do our bit to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. Partnering with Vinca Wine is just the latest step in doing that.

“In addition to Vinca’s great taste and its environmental benefits, it’s fantastic to be working with local people and Town fans as our wine provider.”

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