Trivium refillable perfume bottle wins award

Trivium Packaging’s refill bottle developed for Boticario has been recognised by Centro Brasil Design as a winner of the Design for a Better World Award. 

Its solution is a lightweight, easy-to-recycle, and user-friendly cologne refill bottle. 

This innovative packaging includes a patented dropper, designed to fit the original glass bottle.

The bottle contains up to 10% recycled content and saves 89% weight compared to the original packaging. 

The use of direct printing removes the need for any secondary packaging. The brief for this project was based on concepts developed by Boticario’s in-house design team that challenged suppliers to find a refill solution for the regular packaging. 

Trivium developed a concept using a special aluminium bottle with a dedicated dropper to allow the end user to easily refill the regular glass. 

The concept was tested in Boticario’s filling line and passed several protection tests including shelf life, vacuum, sealing, leakage, and transportation.

The company conducted a lifecycle assessment to ensure that the new refill solution had a lower carbon footprint compared to other products available, usually made using plastics. 

The packaging includes a QR code with product information and instructions for use, encouraging end users to recycle the packaging.

This project represents a successful example of improving performance and reducing environmental impact, while also improving consumer functionality with the intuitive use of the dropper. 

Thanks to the natural properties of aluminium, it provides protection against oxygen and UV light, as well as extends shelf life.

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