Ball named among top-rated ESG companies for 2023

Ball Corporation announced that it had been named in Sustainalytics’ 2023 list for top-rated companies for environmental, social and governance (ESG).

The company wrote on social media: “We’re proud to share that Ball has been included in @Sustainalytics’s 2023 list of Top-Rated ESG Companies, recognising the work our team has done with #ESG programs and policies!”

Ball was deemed to have an ESG risk rating of 10.8, which is on the ‘low risk’ range. Companies with a score of less than 10 go into the ‘negligible’ range.

Its ranking for containers and packaging was four out of 99, with one being the lowest risk.

Ball is the world’s largest metal can manufacturer with market share over 40% in its three main regions (North America, Europe, and South America).

The company is focused on increasing capacity amid a wave of new developed-market demand, while also investing in faster-growing emerging-market economies. Ball maintains a small presence in the U.S. defence industry through its aerospace segment.

The company reports four segments—beverage packaging, North and Central America (44% of revenue), beverage packaging, EMEA (25%), beverage packaging, South America (14%), aerospace (14%)—and it generated $15.3 billion in revenue in 2022.

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